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田螺 — 性寒,有清熱解暑、明目、利水止渴的作用,適合水腫、小便不通、痔瘡便血、風熱目赤腫痛者食用。由於性寒,脾虛便溏、胃寒疼痛、風寒感冒、月經期間、寒性痛經者不宜食用。

1. 將無鹽牛油、巴馬臣芝士碎、蒜蓉、番茜碎搓勻成香草牛油。
2. 將適量香草牛油釀入田螺殼內,如沒有田螺殼,香草牛油鋪在田螺肉上。
3. 放入已預熱至攝氏180度的焗爐,焗約15分鐘即可。

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River snail can clear heat and relieve water retention

When we first learned snails (escargot) are served in French cuisine, we must have been a bit shocked. Since we were young, the snails we knew are the ones crawling on the ground on rainy days. So why are they called river snails?

We should be quite familiar with river snail stir-fried with chili. Actually, the typical snail is a type of shelled gastropod, whereas the escargot is specifically cultivated for French cuisine. Please note that it is unsafe to consume snails from the wild. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, river snail is cold in nature, can clear heat, brighten one’s vision, quench one’s thirst and has diuretic properties.

In Chinese cooking, river snails are often cooked with ingredients that are warm in nature, such as ginger, onion, garlic and chili, to balance out its coldness. As for French cuisine, chefs would normally prepare escargot with simple vanilla butter. Once baked at a high temperature, the fragrance of the butter would seep into the flesh. Try to close your eyes and enjoy the taste, imagine yourself travelling in France!

River snail – cold in nature, can clear heart, brighten one’s vision, quench one’s thirst and has diuretic properties, is suitable for individuals with symptoms such as water retention, urination, bleeding hemorrhoids, and swelling and pain of the eyes. Since it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for individuals with a weak spleen and loose stools, a cold stomach and those experiencing frequent stomachache; also not suitable for those who with a cold flu, going through period as well as cold-related menstrual pain.

Escargot Bourguignonne
Ingredients: 200g fresh escargots or 1 canned escargot, 60g butter, 60 parmesan cheese, 4 cloves of pounded garlic, parsley
1. Preheat oven to 180 Celsius degree
2. Mix butter, parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley into herb butter.
3. Put the herb butter in the escargot shells, or just directly on escagots.
4. Bake for 15 minutes.

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