June 29, 2018






Relieve your stress

Chinese medicine believes you have to properly balance all your emotions as they can affect your healthy as well. Balanced emotions helps to keep qi and blood flowing smoothly for a healthy body. Don’t let the stress build up and find proper ways to de-stress accordingly. Take advantage of the Saturday and go exercise to sweat it out! You can try thai boxing and pretend the sandbox is the source of your stress and just hit at it!

Small tips:
– protect your hands by wrapping it up tightly before wearing the clothes
– use your own gloves for the right size and it’s more hygienic
– thai boxing is an intense exercise, be sure to warm up properly
Warm up exercise:
Lift your right leg with toes pointing downwards. Form a 90 angle with your thighs and calves. Switch sides.
Put your hands in front of your chest and jump up with your legs apart and then back together. Then put your left leg in front right leg and jump up to place them back together. Switch to the right side forward and repeat.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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