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– 減少綁髮的時間和次數,綁髮時力度不宜過緊
– 避免經常戴帽
– 避免電髮、染髮傷害髮質
– 保持充足睡眠,避免熬夜
– 閒時用「手指梳」按摩頭皮,疏通經絡
– 做適量運動,有助減輕壓力
– 避免進食油膩辛辣食物
– 每天飲加入黑豆黑芝麻的米水

Rescue your receding hairline
I am busy planning my wedding and realizing my hairline is receding! I am only 28 years old, but have been quite stressed with work, am I aging prematurely? I want to be a pretty bride!

CheckCheckCin: Ladies around 28 years old should be in their golden age. Chinese medicine believes hair is an extension of blood and the kidneys can also dictate health of hair. Those with healthy qi and blood and sufficient kidney qi will have thick healthy head of black hair. But modern people are very busy with work and do not get adequate rest. Coupled with stress, you can burn through your kidney qi, and over consumption of salt can also hurt your kidneys leading to asthenic kidney induced hair loss. If you have to rescue your hairline, you have to make lifestyle changes- have adequate sleep, avoid staying up late, relieve your stress appropriately. From a diet perspective, have ingredients that nourish yin and replenishes kidneys, condition your qi and blood. Try to have more black soya beans, black sesame, black fungus, Chinese yam, chives, walnut, wolfberries.

Tips to care for your hairline:
– Reduce the frequency and amount of time your hair is tied up and do not tight it too tight
– Avoid wearing hats all the time
– Avoid perming or dying your hair
– Have adequate sleep and avoid late nights
– Use your fingers to massage your scalp when you are free
– Exercise appropriately to help reduce stress
– Avoid oily and spicy foods
– Have rice water with black soya beans and black sesame daily

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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