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1) 如因常穿高跟鞋或鞋子不合腳,要將不合適的鞋子換掉;


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Care tips for cracked heels
Everyone seems to apply moisturizing cream diligently to combat the dryness during winter, but there is one particular spot that most of us neglect – our heels.

We might be walking down the street one day, and feel a sudden pain on our cracked heels, which may have also started to bleed. This is because our foot soles do not have sebaceous glands to secrete sebum to moisten the skin. When we walk, the action of rubbing the skin against the shoes can create friction, causing the heels’ stratum corneum to thicken. This is particularly dangerous for individuals who always wear heels and those who do not wear socks.

When the thick stratum corneum becomes dry, cracks of varying degrees will develop. The cracks that have reached the inner part of the skin would hurt more deeply and might even bleed. Individuals with athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), psoriasis and ichthyosis can develop heel cracks more easily.

If the condition becomes more severe, do seek proper medical treatment. But if the symptoms are mild, you may consider the following care tips:
1) Opt for heels or shoes that properly match the size of your feet
2)Enjoy a white vinegar foot bath before bed, as it can help soften the cuticle; apply a layer a Vaseline while your feet are still moist
3)Do not peel the outer layer when cracks have formed; you may inflict wounds on the fragile part
4)Develop the habit of wearing slippers at home
5)Gently rub the thickened skin with a pumice stone, then apply moisturizer

Foot bath that can help soften the cuticle on the heels
Ingredient: Edible white vinegar (3 – 4 tablespoons)
Method: Prepare a bowl of warm water (about 40 degree Celsius); dip the feet into the water and make sure the heels are submerged. Add in edible white vinegar and start stirring the water. Soak the feet for 15 – 20 minutes, and wash them with clean warm water. Dry the feet and apply moisturizer.

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