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✔CheckCheckCin 美茶推介:皮膚痕

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Hot water bath can worsen itchy skin

“I like to bath in hotter water during winter as it helps relieve the itch on my body, but I’ll feel itchy again not long after. What can I do?”

CheckCheckCin: The weather is cold during winter. Taking a hot bath is definitely a nice experience, but you may want to think twice if you believe it can help stop the itch on your body. Using hot water can cause the skin to lose its sebum, and your skin will be even drier.

Since our body temperature is within 36 – 37 degree Celsius, it would be appropriate to bath in water within the range of 35 – 38 degree Celsius. Avoid going beyond 42 degree Celsius.

Be extremely mindful if you are using a bathtub, as water at a high temperature can increase blood pressure, which would in turn cause additional burden to the heart. If a person dips in the hot water for too long, he or she might feel dizzy and faint, or suffer from oxygen deficiency in the heart. Therefore, it is best not to spend more than 20 minutes in the bathtub.

Do wipe the body dry right after the shower, and apply moisturizer to lock in the moisture while it is still slightly wet. Many people experience itch on the body because of damp-heat. Consume an appropriate amount of ingredients that can eliminate dampness from the body. In order to better relieve the itch, avoid consuming hot and spicy food, seafood, as well as wind-stimulating items such as cigarettes and alcohols.

Belvedere fruit & dense-fruit dittany root bark tea
Effects: clears heat and dispels dampness, suitable for those with skin redness or itchiness
Ingredients: 10g belvedere fruit, 10g dense-fruit dittany root bark
Preparation: place all ingredients into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15 minutes.

✔CheckCheckCin Beauty Tea Recommendation: Itch
Ingredients: Honeysuckle, Wild Chrysanthemum, Caltrop
Effects: Clears heat and dispels dampness. Suitable for skin redness or itchiness.
Note: Not suitable for pregnant women.

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