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Six signs of late autumn
“I got up this morning and I could feel the fall!” Out of 10 friends, perhaps only one may understand the feeling of fall with the breeze and sense of sorrow creeping in. Everyone senses weather in a different way, some through smell, some through vision and others through vision. What suits you below? 

・The day becomes shorter
As we enter fall, the days gradually become shorter and the nights become longer. The sky turns dark before you get off work. Time flies by quickly.

・The street is full of fallen leaves
With a gust of autumn wind, the golden yellow leaves slowly fall from the trees, the sound of the foot stepping on the fallen leaves is crisp and sweet, and the green hill were mixed with autumn yellow, with a sense of sorrow.

・Tap water becomes cool
When you wake up in the morning and freshen up, you may suddenly feel that the water temperature has cooled down. The temperature has gradually turned cooler since the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature of the water also drops. Remember to bring a coat when you go out.

・The skin is dry and itchy
When the season changes, people with sensitive skin are particularly prone toa trouble because the skin easily becomes dry, itchy, with redness and acne because of weather change. And when the weather turns dry in the autumn, the skin will be lacking of fluid and become rough, dry and even peeling, and it is necessary to do more moisturising practices.

・Hands have hangnails
Recently, your finger might be painful to touch as there is a hangnail. You can’t help but to remove it but it ends up bleeding. The dry autumn is the time that people might have more hangnails. Pay attention to nourish blood, relieve dryness and moisten your hands.

・Get papercuts 
You may be handling a lot of papers in the office. They will become the most terrible weapon in autumn and winter. As your dry hands are prone to get cut by the paper edge. Your injured fingertip usually has a lot of pain nerves. The kind of faint pain that does not bleed is a long-term torture.

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