November 6, 2017




性平,有小毒, 不宜多吃。有收斂肺氣、止咳喘、止帶縮小便的功效。適量服用能改善肺氣虛弱而致的喘咳,舒緩婦女體弱有帶下過多、及改善尿頻等症狀。

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Have some ginkgo nuts this Autumn
Ginkgo nuts are a great snack for the fall, you may see roasted ginkgo nuts sold alongside roasted sweet potatoes in stalls. Ginkgo nuts have a complicated tasted and when cooked, they can regulate lung qi, relieve asthma and cough so they are especially suitable during autumn. They are in easy and great for the lungs and can also relieve frequent urination and symptoms associated with female discharge. Since they have small amount of toxins, it is important to cook them thoroughly before eating. The nuts that are sprouting may contain stronger toxins and may cause nausea and vomiting if consumed. Kids should not have too much of it.
Ginkgo Nuts
Mild in nature with small amounts of toxins, not suitable to have too much. They can regulate lung qi, relieve cough and frequent urination. If appropriately consumed, they help to relieve cough associated with asthenic lug qi, large amounts of female discharge, and frequent urination.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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