May 10, 2019




1. 凍呀!今晚返風,著多件衫啦!(但明明外面成30度)
2. 今晚返嚟食飯,煲咗湯呀!(明明一早講今晚OT)
3. 成日食街外嘢無益呀,多啲返屋企食飯啦!(明明檯面上就有斬料叉燒同燒鵝)
4. 而家幾點了?仲唔瞓? (但放假想瞓耐少少就會話:黃朝白晏仲唔起身?)
5. 做咩成日都唔接電話?(其實只打過一次來)
6. 食多啲啦,邊夠飽㗎!(但一食得多時就會話:仲食?肥死你。)
7. 記住擔遮呀!(明明天氣報告話風和日麗)
8. 放工未呀?(望望個鐘不過係3點鐘)

Classic lines from mom
Moms are a special species on earth. Before giving birth, you may have been just a regular girl. When you have a child, all your thought processes become mother-centric. All moms have the tendency to nag! Here are some classic lines that you may have heard from your mom and sometimes they feel quite odd. If you really think about it, all the nagging is actually a sign of love and care.

1. It’s cold and windy. Wear more clothes! (It’s almost 30°C though.)
2. Let’s eat dinner at home tonight. I made soup. (You actually have said that you need to work overtime tonight.)
3. It’s not healthy to eat out. Come home to have dinner more! (But there is take-out barbecued pork and barbecued goose on the table.)
4. What time is it? Go sleep now! (But when you want to sleep more on holidays, she will ask you get up earlier.)
5. Why do you always ignore my phone call? (She actually called you once only.)
6. Eat more. How’s is that enough! (But she will say “Stop eating! Don’t get fat!” when you eat too much.)
7. Remember to bring an umbrella! (The weather report showed that it’s sunny.)
8. Are you off work yet? (It’s 3pm only!)

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