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紅菜頭 — 又叫甜菜根或甜菜頭,性平,具健脾消滯、利尿功效,亦具有下氣、通經作用,不建議於月經期間食用。氣血虛弱體質者不宜多食,以免氣血耗損。

Have beetroot to strengthen the spleen and regulate qi
Beetroot is considered a superfood as it can replenish blood, is an antioxidant, is high in fibre and low in calorie. Ladies rush to have it, and vegetarians use beetroot in soup as a source of iron.
From Chinese medicine perspective, it can strengthen the spleen and relieve indigestion. It is not recommended during menstruation and some people may experience dizziness after consumption. Some mistakenly assume beetroot is cold in nature. It is actually mild in nature, and invigorate blood and open up meridians. That is why it is suitable for those with qi stagnation and blood stasis blood types. Those with asthenic qi and blood should avoid as it can worsen the asthenia.
Many people prefer to have raw beetroot juice or use it in salads, note that this is considered having cold/raw ingredient and it is not recommended for those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach.

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