June 4, 2018

【 暗瘡的謎思】出暗瘡大多是熱氣~






Clear heat to treat acne!
Hot weather causes sweating and oil secretion, which makes acne worse!
‘Son, you have pimples, have some tortoise jelly, grass jelly, mung bean dessert soup to clear heat and get rid of your pimples.’
This is a sound theory as a lot of people know acne is a result of heat in body so they take cold natured foods to try to balance it. But you have to remember to do it in moderation or else you may hurt your body in the process of treating the acne. From Chinese medicine perspective, formation of pimple is closely related to dietary and lifestyle habits. Aside from heat in body, acne is also a result of poor dietary habits, poor sleep, and irregular menstruation. So if you have taken quite a bit of food to clear your acne and don’t see any results, we suggest you visit a Chinese medicine practitioner to find the proper treatment.

Damp heat acne- with a pus head, red and swollen with pain. Usually accompanied by facial oil and bad breath, yellowish urine, sticky stool and feeling uneasiness with bowel movement.
What you should do is have a cup of healing tea to clear heat and detoxify: 10g hedyotis diffusa, 20g smilax, 10gg forsythia, cook for 30 minutes.

Blood heat acne- with a pus head, red and skin is hot to touch. Usually accompanied by yellowish urine and dry stool; ladies may experience menstrual pain, and blood clots during menstruation.
What you should do is have a cup of healing tea to cool your blood and detoxify: 10g rehmannia glutinousa, 10g peony root, 9g red peony root, cook for 30 minutes.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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