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很多時打工仔為求方便,又或是因午飯時間緊張,不知道吃甚麼時都會選擇外賣燒味飯來填飽肚子。燒味價錢便宜又隨處可見,起源於廣東,港式燒味絕對是聞名中外,不單是茶樓、茶餐廳又或是高級酒店都選擇以燒味作招牌菜。燒味主要為烤肉如燒肉、叉燒、燒鴨,另外也有切雞及油雞等,通常配合米飯、米粉、瀨粉、河粉、麵食等主食。 只要多加注意,吃燒味也能健康一點。也由於部分燒味經炭烤處理,會為肉類增加熱性,不宜每天進食。

夏日燒味飯 Top 3



✔經過炭烤處理的燒味,為肉類增加熱性,不宜每天進食 。

Good Summer Barbeque Eats
A lot of people decide to order take out Chinese barbeque for lunch for convenience and to save time. Chinese barbeque is affordable and easy to find. It originated from Guangdong and has become quite popular. You can find it at restaurants ranging from Chinese fast food to high end hotels. Chinese barbeque mainly has roast pork, char siu, barbequed duck, or even steamed or soy sauce chicken. It is usually eaten with rice, rice noodle, flat rice noodle. You can make healthier choices amongst Chinese barbeque as some of it has been processed with coal and increases the heat nature of meats, so it is not suitable to have daily.

Top 3 summer Chinese barbeque rice
First place: Roast duck rice
Duck is cool in nature, can nourish yin and clear heat. It is suitable for those with hot flashes and asthenic fire. It can clear summer heat and is suitable for summer. In addition, duck meat also can reduce water swelling, it is suitable for the southern summer climate of humid heat. Want to be healthier? Eat less of the duck skin with fat. Duck breast is relatively leaner, and less fatty under the skin.

Second place: Barbecued pork (Char Siu) rice
For Char Siu, the pork shoulder meat is mostly used. Pork is mild in nature and can replenish the kidney and nourish blood, nourish yin and relieve dryness. Pork is suitable for most body constitutions. Char Siu with charcoal grilled edge is really mouth-watering. But if you want to be healthy, you have to avoid the burnt parts. When ordering, it is better to ask for lean pork with less sauce or even without any.

Third place: Steamed chicken rice
Chicken is warm in nature, can replenish qi and blood, warm the stomach and nourish organs. Not suitable for those with the flu or those with damp heat and phlegm and dampness body constitution. Suitable for those with asthenic body types and those who recovered from chronic illness. The taste of steamed chicken is relatively light compared to other Chinese barbeque dishes, but the chicken skin and fat of the steamed chicken are fat and thick, it is better to remove when eating, so as not to increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, and the ginger and spring onion contain too much oil, it is recommended not to mix with rice.

Tips to eat barbecued meat rice healthier:
✔ Ask for ‘less rice’ according to your appetite, to avoid indigestion and stagnation.
✔ Consume boiled vegetables at the same time to have more balanced nutrition.
✔ Reduce the amount of sauce or have it without sauce, and control the salt intake so as not to increase the burden of kidneys or even cause edema.
✔Remove the skin so as not to increase the burden on the spleen and stomach.
✔Drink less cold drinks, choose soup that can clear summer heat such as winter melon soup instead.
✔The charcoal-baked Chinese barbeque adds heat to the meat so should not be eaten every day.
✔Try to remove all fat of meat when eating, and do not eat the burnt parts.

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