July 20, 2020




– 面色潮紅
– 頭暈、頭痛
– 胸悶噁心
– 大量出汗,亦可能乾燥無汗
– 四肢無力或抽筋
– 呼吸急促,心跳快速
– 精神不能集中



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Seven symptoms of heat stroke
Whenever we engage in outdoor activities, we need to be cautious of heat stroke that might strike during this hot summer. When the environment’s temperature is too high and our body is unable to adjust accordingly, we will experience discomfort, which can lead to heat stroke. Be it at work or play, we should take note of people around us with the following symptoms:

– Flushed face
– Dizziness and headache
– Chest tightness and nausea
– Heavy sweating, or absence of sweating too
– Weak limbs or muscle cramps
– Shortness of breath, fast heart rate
– Inability to stay focused

Chinese medicine theorized heat stroke as a case of deficiency-related conditions. Individuals suffering from fatigue in addition to insomnia might lose the ability to regulate their body temperature, and eventually suffer from heat stroke under summer heat. Children, seniors, patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension, as well as individuals who are obese might have a heat stroke easily.

If anyone around you exhibits heat stroke symptoms, it is best to move them to a cooler place, and remove any extra clothing on them to dissipate body heat more effectively. Use a wet towel to cool the body, or fan the body to reduce the temperature. Give the patient some water or isotonic drink, and have him or her sent for treatment as soon as possible.

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