July 21, 2020



預防中暑有方法 ?

1. 慎選活動時間

2. 防曬裝備不可少

3. 準備足夠消暑飲料

4. 室內活動要空氣流通

5. 量力而為

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Five tips to prevent heat strokes
All sorts of outdoor activities seem to be on our mind when summer arrives. In order for us to enjoy them to the fullest, we need to be well prepared to combat the heat. Careful planning and preparation in advance can help prevent heat strokes.

1. Choose the appropriate time for activities
Arrange your outdoor activities in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the extreme sun exposure during mid-day hours.

2. Amp up protection against the sun
Wear light colored clothes that allow better airflow; put on a broad brim hat and a pair of sunglasses, and carry an umbrella. Bring along items like a handheld fan and an iced towel to help dissipate heat. Apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen for skin protection.

3. Prepare sufficient beverages
Bring enough water or heat relieving drinks, but avoid drinking tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages as they are diuretic. Start drinking before you feel extremely thirsty, and do that in small sips every 20 minutes to rehydrate the body with about 100-200 ml of liquid.

4. Ensure good air ventilation for indoor activities
Heat strokes do not just happen in the outdoor, but also within an enclosed warm and humid environment. Hence, always make sure there is a good airflow indoor by opening the windows or turning on the air-conditioner. Avoid staying in a parked car, as the space within has limited air ventilation, which will cause the temperature to rise.

5. Stop the activities when necessary
If you feel unwell, or experience insomnia or fatigue, avoid taking part in strenuous outdoor activities, as the symptoms mentioned above will affect the mechanism of the body and reduce your ability to sweat properly, hence causing you to be more prone to develop heat stroke.

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