May 22, 2017

踏入了小滿這氣節,雨量明顯增加。飲食上宜多吃素食、少吃偏溫熱、重口味、油膩、煎炸燒烤食物如辣椒、韭菜、胡椒、紅燒肉等(咖啡都是偏溫熱的!)另外滋膩飲食物如牛奶、奶茶、芝士、花膠等因為有助濕的作用,要少吃。過於生冷寒涼亦會損害脾胃, 容易誘發腸胃毛病及皮膚病。

Grain Full Solar Term:
– Eat and drink light foods
– Avoid cold/raw and spicy foods
– Exercise appropriately
Suitable foods: mung beans, coix seeds, winter melon, luffa, black fungus, tomatoes, wild yam, old cucumber, rice water (red rice, white rice, coix seeds)
During the Grain Full solar term, rain fall increases significantly. Have more vegetarian dishes, and avoid heat-inducing, strong flavoured, oily and fried foods such as chilly, chives, peppers, and braised pork with soy sauce! (Even coffee is also mildly hot.) In addition, consume less greasy and high-fat contents such as milk, milk tea, cheese, fish maw as they can increase dampness, and cold/raw foods can hurt your stomach and spleen and easily lead to digestive system and skin issues.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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