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Three ingredients to dispel dampness
When it comes to dispelling dampness, a lot of people will think of coix seeds, but a lot of ingredients in the bean family can dispel dampness as well. Rice beans and purple haricot can dispel dampness and are mild in nature. Learn more about ingredients that can dispel dampness to help during the humid spring time!
Coix seeds- slightly cool in nature, promote diuresis, dispel dampness, strengthen the spleen and clear heat. Alleviates unsmooth urination, bloating, asthenic spleen, damp heat, and sticky stool. Note that those with asthenic body types, or those who are pregnant should consume with caution and should not eat coix seed frequently.
Rice beans- mild in nature, they look similar to red beans, but are smaller and skinnier. Rice beans can strengthen the spleen, relieve diarrhea, promote diuresis, reduce bloating, and help with weight loss. Suitable for all types of bloating, and even post-partum bloating. Since they help to promote diuresis, they are not suitable for those with frequent urination.
Purple haricot- mil din nature, strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness. Especially suitable for bloating and damp and asthenic spleen.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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