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– 出現突如其來的痕癢
– 皮膚泛紅、發熱,有紅斑
– 出現隆起的丘疹及風團
– 嚴重更有可能出現水疱、滲液

– 不熬夜,以免耗傷陰血
– 別用過熱的水洗澡
– 盡少接觸清潔劑如洗潔精等,盡可能戴手套
– 發作期時不應磨砂,以免刺激皮膚
– 塗無添加的天然保濕潤膚液
– 戒吃動風發物如蟹、蝦、貝類、菇類、茄子、雞蛋、鵝肉、竹筍等

– 如有皮疹泛紅、發熱痕癢可以試試皮膚痕痕茶療:
– 材料:地膚子10克、白癬皮10克
– 做法:材料放入保溫瓶內,先以熱水沖洗一次,再注入熱水焗15分鐘至出味。
– 功效:清熱化濕,適合皮膚泛紅或痕癢。

Sudden itch all over the body
Do you have some friends who seem to always have itchy skin? In addition to the effects of weather, stress, daily life and eating habits, exposure to sources of stimulus can also lead to sudden body itching! This type of contact dermatitis can cause skin irritation or eczema outbreaks, and it may be particularly itchy after sweating, temperature rises slightly or before going to sleep. In addition to a sudden appearance of a large red swelling area, hot and red and itchy rash, it may also be accompanied by body heat, nausea, headache, edema. The most common causes are ‘dampness’ and ‘heat’.

Contact dermatitis has many allergens, which can be from animal, phytochemical, or chemical, and even anything common in daily life, causing sudden skin sensitivity or eczema. In general, most people heal within 1 to 2 weeks as long as you are no longer exposed to allergens.

If you have the following symptoms, you may be suffering from acute contact dermatitis!
– Sudden itch
– Skin redness and heat, erythema
– Bulging pimples and wheal
– When severe, you may have blisters and puss

Attention to contact dermatitis during the attack:
– Do not stay up late, so as not to consume yin and blood
– Do not bathe with overheated water
– Minimize contact with detergents such as dishwashing liquid, wear gloves as much as possible
– Do not scrub during the attack to avoid irritating the skin
– Apply natural moisturizing lotion without additive 
– Stop eating stimulating foods that activates wind such as crabs, shrimps, shellfish, mushrooms, eggplant, eggs, goose, bamboo shoots.

If there is rash and redness, heat and itching, try itchy skin tea remedy:
– Ingredients: 10g belvedere fruit, 10g dense-fruit dittany root bark 
– Preparation: place all ingredients into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15 minutes. 
– Effects: clears heat and dispels dampness, suitable for those with skin redness or itchiness

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