September 21, 2019




1. 彎曲右手的食指和中指,向掌心收起。
2. 右手大拇指按住右鼻孔,左鼻孔吸氣直至撐起肋骨和腹部。
3. 右手無名指按住左鼻孔,放開右手大拇指,右鼻孔慢慢呼氣。
4. 大拇指和無名指同時按住兩邊鼻孔,靜止一下。
5. 放開右手大拇指,右鼻孔吸氣後再按住,換左鼻孔吐氣,重覆2至4步驟,做5至10次。

Relax for a minute- take a deep breath
Are you feeling heavy headed, out of it or even stressed out even though it’s a holiday? Perhaps you have a lot of unresolved matters on your mind. Aside from calming yourself to find the cause, breathing properly may help. Most people typically take short breaths from the chest and oxygen does not fully penetrate into your body. Over time, you have chronic lack of oxygen and your body is affected. Take a minute and try to breathe through alternating nostrils. Inhale deeply and run on the ribs and abdomen, then slowly exhale all the negative energy of the body, imagine that all the unpleasantness will flow away!

Breathing through alternating nostrils 
1. Bend your index and middle fingers of your right hand towards your palm. 
2. Use your right thumb to press on your right nostrils, breath through your left nostril until your ribs and abdomen flexes up. 
3. Then use your right ring finger to press on your left nostrils, release your right thumb and breath through your right nostril slowly.
4. Pause for a bit by closing both nostrils with your thumb and ring finger. 
5. Release your thumb and breath with your right nostril, then alternate back to left. Repeat steps 2-4 for 5 to 10 times.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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