September 21, 2019

【排便小癖好】 你有這些如廁習慣嗎?



1/ 脫光衣服才夠奔放

2/ 控制大便壓水花

3/ 大便時一定要找東西看

4/ 沖廁前來研究吧!

5/ 大便後要洗白白

6/ 踎廁才是皇道

7/ 忍到最後一刻才上廁所

8/ 先行在廁盤內鋪滿廁紙

Odd habits in the restroom
You may have your own unique methods and habits when going to the toilet. After we interviewed and checked on the Internet, there are 8 “special” toilet habits. How many habits do you have?

1/ Take off all clothes
Some people have a need to remove all clothing when using the restroom. Many have agreed too on the Internet. They feel more free duirng their bowel movement with their clothes off. Therefore, they can only go poo at home with the door closed. So here is the problem, if you suddenly have a stomach pain in the street, do you have to take off all your clothes to use the restroom? Be sure to close the door!

2/ Control water pressure
Someone said that they would control the size of the stool by narrowing and relaxing the anus and strength of going to the toilet, to prevent splashing water. This is definitely the mystery and skill of the human body!

3/ Look for something to read
So many people have the habit of being on their phones while going to the toilet. However, when there was no mobile phone, you might feel empty when you forget to bring books and newspapers, and cannot smoothly poo. At this time, you might take the hand sanitizer, shower gel and shampoo around you and read all the labels.

4/ Study your stool
After going to the toilet, you have to flush the toilet. But do you have the habit of studying your own stool? Although some people may think that that is gross, it is actually very useful for health, because the stool is a reflection of your body condition, and you should study it before you flush the toilet next time!

5/ Take a bath after bowel movement
Many people prefer to take a shower after pooing as they do not feel clean enough by wiping with toilet paper. We recommend you use flushable wet wipes so even if you cannot take a bath, you can feel relatively clean after pooing.

6/ Squat toilet is the best
The invention and design of the modern toilets are more convenient and comfortable, but still prefer to squat when pooing. Even if they are at home, they have to squat to feel good, but remember to place paper towel on the toilet when you go outside to keep it clean.

7/ Wait til the last minute to go
Once again, “Don’t hold it!” But many people only go to the toilet when they are in pain or rushing to the toilet at the last minute. In fact, this is a very bad habit. Be sure to change it!

8/ Place toilet paper in the toilet
When going to the toilet, many people would place toilet paper on the seat because they are afraid of the dirtiness. However, some people would also place toilet paper in the toilet tray to reduce the sound of bowel movement and avoid the possibility of splashing water.

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