October 11, 2017





Oh sweet honey
A lot of people think of honey when it comes to moistening during the fall as its sweet and soothing to the throat. Different types of honey have similar effects and from Chinese medicine perspective, honey definitely brings the gift of dryness relief. When honey enters the lung meridian, it is beneficial to both respiratory system and skin. With the added effect of constipation relief, honey is most suitable during the fall. However it is important to note that not everyone can have honey. Some people may be allergic and others with asthenic spleen and stomach or those prone to abdominal bloating or diarrhea should not have too much honey as it may cause indigestion and light dirrahea. Also if you have a phlegm and dampness body constitution with interior heat, then honey may increase the amount of phlegm and block your throat. Children under 1 should also avoid honey.
Honey- mild in nature, replenishes spleen, moistens the lungs and intestines, and detoxifies. Alleviates symptoms related to dryness in the lungs such as dry cough and constipation. It can also relieve irritability, lack of appetite and canker sores. Honey is especially suitable for those with qi deficiency, blood asthenia, yin deficiency, yang deficiency and blood stasis body constitutions. It is not suitable for those with damp-heat and phlegm and dampness bodies, or those prone to abdominal bloating and diarrhea, or those who consume alcohol heavily.

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