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四季豆 — 又名菜豆,性平,有解熱、利尿、消腫、調和臟腑的作用,惟注意氣滯腹脹者不宜服用,因為四季豆所含纖維容易引致腸胃脹氣,而且必須浸泡洗淨及煮熟食用以去除輕微毒素。

Green bean to relieve bloating
According to Chinese Medicine theory, green corresponds to the liver. It is recommended to eat more green ingredients during spring, to help the liver vent and to hold blood. In addition to eating more green leafy vegetables, seasonal green beans are also a good choice. Green bean harvests happen during early summer, autumn and winter. From Chinese medicine perspective, green beans are mild in nature, can promote diuresis and reduce bloating, which is especially suitable to consume when it is hot and humid. It can help to clear heat and promote diuresis. Remember that the cooking time should be longer because the uncooked green beans contain mild toxin saponin, which can cause symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, and weakness in limbs.

Green bean – mild in nature, can clear heat, promote diuresis, relieve bloating and nourish organs. Not suitable for those with qi stagnation and abdominal bloating as the fiber contained in green beans is easy to cause abdominal bloating. Also, it must be soaked, washed and thoroughly cooked to remove mild toxins.

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