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1. 所有材料洗淨。南瓜去皮去籽切塊備用、紅蘿蔔去皮切塊。
2. 鍋內加入約2500毫升水,放入全部材料,武火煮至水滾,調文火煮約1小時,最後下鹽調味即可。

Dendrobium soup to nourish yin and relieve dryness
There was an earlier study that said dendrobium is a gift to the ladies as it is an antioxidant and can decrease black pigments in the skin. From Chinese medicine perspective, dendrobium can clear heat and nourish yin, promote fluid production and nourish the stomach. It is suitable for those with yin deficiency and frequent late nights. When using dendrobium in tea, it is important to steep for a longer time to release its healing effects. It is best to cook for at least 30 minutes. When used it in soup, use whole dendrobium, and when used to make tea, you should use dendrobium powder to steep in water.
Appropriately add in ingredients to nourish yin and relieve dryness. Examples are radix ophiopogonis, American ginseng, dendrobium, pear, polygonatum odoratum, polygonatum root, radix adenophorae, wolfberries.
Healing tea for dry eyes: 20g dendrobium, simmer for 3 hours.
Vegetarian pumpkin soup with carrots, dried bak choy and dendrobium
Effects: nourishes yin and moistens the lungs, promotes fluid production and relieves dryness. Suitable for yin deficiency, and those with frequent late nights.
Ingredients: 400g pumpkin (about half catty), 1 carrot, 40g dried bak choy (about 1 tael), 12g dendrobium, 15g lily bulbs, 3 candied dates
1. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel and seed pumpkin and cut into pieces. Peel carrot and cut into pieces.
2. Combine all ingredients with 2500ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1 hour. Add salt to taste.

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