December 7, 2018

#24節氣 – 大雪】是日大雪






Major snow solar term

Major snow signifies that winter is really here! The observatory has forecasted a drop in temperature next week so it is important, especially for children and elderly to stay warm. Aside to wearing thicker layers, be sure to keep your hands and feet warm. Try to wearing warm socks to sleep. It is also important to protect your yang qi and avoid cold and raw drinks, get some sun, and soak your feet. Try keeping warm through diet too to dispel cold by using onions, ginger, spring onion and chili peppers. Aside from ginger tea or drinks with cinnamon, you can have fried rice water, or dusk rice water (with black soya beans and black sesame), or red bean rice water which are all suitable for the cold weather.

Gentle reminder
– have rice water daily to strengthen your body and prevent from flu
– sleep early and wake up late and avoid burning through your yang qi
– don’t forget to moisturize
– don’t over indulge in hot pot
– wear a mask in crowded places

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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