June 1, 2017






Cordyceps flower is becoming a popular choice of food, is it related to Cordyceps? Cordyceps flower is not the flower of Cordyceps but it’s artificially cultivated Cordyceps militaris and is a type of fungus. It is actually more similar to mushroom type fungus.
Cordyceps- an expensive medicinal herb, mildly-warm in nature. It protects the kidney, moistens lungs to replenish qi, promotes homeostasis and reduces phlegm. It is suitable for those with asthenic body types. Those with heat-related symptoms such as dry mouth, bitterness in taste canker sores and constipation should avoid cordyceps.
Cordyceps flower- reasonably priced and mild in nature. Its healing effects to replenish qi is not as strong as cordyceps, but it still nourishes the lungs and kidney and strengthens areas of weakness. It also moistens and protects skin and has anti-aging effects. Cordyceps flower is suitable for all body types.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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