June 27, 2023


.羅漢果糖(Mongroside) — 萃取自羅漢果
.龍舌蘭蜜(Agave syrup) — 萃取自龍舌蘭植物
.麥芽糖醇(Maltitol) — 萃取自麥芽糖
.木糖醇(Xylitol) — 萃取自白樺、紅桑子、粟米、等植物原料
.甜菊糖(Stevia) — 萃取自甜葉菊葉子
.赤藻糖醇(Erythritol) — 存在於葡萄、梨等水果或醬油、味噌等發酵食品中的天然糖醇
.稀少糖(Rare sugar) — 從植物中找到的少量單糖


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What options are available for natural sweeteners?

While some people have a sweet tooth, others are cautious about consuming sugar due to its association with obesity, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, and accelerated skin aging. As a result, many individuals opt for sweeteners as an alternative to regular sugar.

Sweeteners can be categorized into natural and artificial varieties. Natural sweeteners are derived from natural ingredients and contain fewer calories or even zero calories compared to regular sugar. They also have a relatively smaller impact on blood sugar levels when consumed, making them suitable for individuals seeking to reduce sugar intake, managing diabetes, or controlling their weight.

Here are some commonly used natural sweeteners:
Monk fruit sweetener (Mongroside): extracted from the monk fruit
Agave syrup: derived from the agave plant
Maltitol: extracted from maltose
Xylitol: obtained from sources such as birch, raspberries, and corn
Stevia: extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant
Erythritol: a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in fruits like grapes and pears, as well as fermented foods like soy sauce and miso
Rare sugars: small amounts of monosaccharides found in various plants

How should one choose the most suitable natural sweetener? Different natural sweeteners vary in terms of sweetness level, flavor, calorie content, heat resistance, and glycemic index. The selection can be based on cooking methods, personal preferences, and individual constitution. It is important to note that each sweetener has a different level of sweetness, so portion control is crucial.

❗However, it is essential not to assume that natural sweeteners are completely “”natural”” and use them excessively. Overconsumption can still lead to issues such as tooth decay, elevated blood sugar levels, and obesity. The healthiest approach is to reduce the body’s reliance on sweet flavors altogether. ❗

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