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– 懷孕或行經中的婦女不宜刮痧
– 皮膚有損傷、感染、潰瘍或有腫瘤的部位不可刮痧
– 有出血傾向疾病、心臟病、肝腎功能不良者不可刮痧
– 重病、大病初癒、吃得太飽、飢餓、酒醉狀態及飯後半小時內都不宜刮痧
– 刮痧後宜飲用暖水,休息15分鐘
– 刮痧部位2小時內不可碰
– 刮痧後2小時內不宜沖凍水涼
– 刮痧後3日內忌凍飲及進食會誘發皮膚敏感的食物如發物
– 待紅痕完全褪去才適宜再刮痧

Scrape therapy can help to dredge your meridians
Scrape therapy seems like something for the older generation but a lot of younger people are falling in love with it. Some even take photos of their bloody back to show off. It looks painful but they seem to like it. So is scrape therapy useful?

Scrape therapy is a therapy from Chinese communities. In the old days you use a coin or spoon and nowadays most use buffalo horn skin scraping sets. From Chinese medicine perspective, the theory of scrape therapy lies in the repetitive scraping to dredge and clear the meridiens, activate blood and relieve stasis, dispel cold air, relieve swelling and pain. It is suitable for those with wind cold flu, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, muscle pains.

Scrape therapy usually is done to the back from top to bottom. Massage oil is usually added in to reduce friction. Red spots appear on the skin to represent regulation of qi and blood. More red spots or pain during therapy does not necessarily mean it’s been more effective and it can vary by person. After scrape therapy you may have red or purple blood spots that last for 3-5 days.

Important notes regarding scrape therapy
– not suitable for those who are pregnant or who are menstruating
– areas with skin damage infection or tumors should not be scraped
– those with bleeding diseases, heart condition or poor functioning liver and kidneys should not have scrape therapy
– those just recovering from a serious illness, those who are too full, too hungry, drunk and had a meal in the last 30 minutes should not have scrape therapy
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