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– 腹痛時就出現突發性腹瀉
– 去廁後仍有便意
– 肛門有灼熱感
– 大便質軟、黏而味臭,多為深啡色
– 伴隨有心煩口渴及小便短赤

清熱健脾化濕 。適合大吃大喝或煙酒過後的大便稀爛或大便質黏、味異常臭、或大便後肛門有灼熱感。

– 多在吃生冷後出現腹瀉
– 劇烈腹痛
– 大便清稀如水狀,呈淺黃色
– 伴隨有怕冷、無胃口、口淡
– 可能同時有發熱、頭痛、鼻塞及肌肉痠痛等風寒感冒症狀


Cold and hot related diarrhea
“I am prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea, especially when I go out for frequent dinner engagements. Each time my wife gives me a cup of ginger tea to warm my stomach, but after drinking it, I get a sore throat. Why does it happen?”

CheckCheckCin: Diarrhea means that the stool is loose without forming a shape, and there is increase in frequency. In fact, diarrhea can be easily divided into cold and hot types. If you have diarrhea after having frequent dinner engagements, or after drinking or eating too much, it is most likely caused by damp heat. Alcohol is warm in nature, and eating more fatty and oily food can also cause symptoms of damp heat, resulting in diarrhea. However, your wife thinks that you have damp cold related diarrhea. Ginger tea does have the effect of dispelling cold and dampness, but it is not suitable for your body condition. It will actually lead to heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, canker sore and pimple. Let’s look which diarrhea you have in a simple way!

Damp heat diarrhea
– Sudden diarrhea with abdominal pain
– Do not feel like you are able to clear all your stool after bowel movement
– sensation of burning anus
– The stool is soft, sticky and smelly, mostly dark brown
– Accompanied by irritability, thirst and reddish and short urination 
Avoid: alcohol, milk tea, replenishing, spicy and heavy flavoured food

-》Tea remedy to clear heat, dispel dampness and relieve diarrhea:
10g Stir-fried hyacinth bean, 10g smilax, 10g lotus leaves, boil for about 30 minutes.
It can clear heat, strengthen spleen and dispel dampness. It is suitable for those eating and drinking too much or those with loose or sticky stool after smoking or drinking, especially smelly stool, or those with sensation of burning anus.

Damp cold diarrhea
– Have diarrhea after eating cold/raw food
– Intense abdominal pain
– Light yellow watery stool
– Aversion to cold, bad appetite, tastelessness
– May have cold wind flu symptoms like fever, headache, stuffy nose and muscle soreness, etc.
Avoid: cold/raw and nourishing greasy food

-》Warming and dispelling dampness: Ginger tea
4 slices of raw ginger with skin, rinse ginger slices thoroughly and smash until they are broken, add into thermos and steep with hot water for 15 minutes
It can dispel cold and dampness. Not suitable for those with sore throat

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