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– 小便次數多、量少
– 斷斷續續,淋漓不盡
– 小便時更會感覺尿道疼痛
– 尿色偏黃
– 嚴重的甚至有血尿

– 一定要多喝水
– 忌吃辛辣食物
– 多喝紅莓汁,由於紅莓的原花青素可令細菌難以黏附在尿道壁
– 飲用西瓜或西芹汁,都有清熱利水的作用,脾胃虛寒者不宜
– 雞蛋花茶療清熱利小便:

– 定時補充水份,別以其他飲品代替清水
– 切忌忍尿
– 注意衛生,要定時更換衛生用品
– 選擇透氣棉質的內褲
– 小便後清潔時,應由前抹向後

Clear heat to relieve reddish and short urination 
Have you ever felt like you still needed to pee after urination? There were only a few drops of urination, it was incomplete and not smooth. You may also felt urinary tract pain or waist and abdomen discomfort. Some ladies may know the annoying urinary tract infection is happening again. Due to the physiological structure, women are relatively prone to urinary tract infections. From Chinese medicine perspective, this symptom is a category of ‘strangury’. The cause is mostly external wind and heat, and damp heat invades the bladder; or the spleen and kidney are weak and qi is weakened and unable to clear damp heat and affect the bladder functions. This type of urinary tract infection caused by damp heat is mostly acute, the treatment is mainly to clear heat and dispel dampness. If the symptoms continue or worsen, it is better to see Chinese medicine practitioners!

Acute urinary tract infection symptoms:
– More frequent urination and low volume
– On and off urination 
– Urinary tract pain when urinating
– Yellowish urine
– May have serious symptoms like hematuria

Important Notes when it happens: 
– Be sure to drink more water
– Avoid spicy food
– Drink more cranberry juice, because the proanthocyanidins in cranberry make it difficult for bacteria to stick on the wall of the urethra
– Drink watermelon or celery juice to have the clear heat and promote diuresis. Not suitable for those with weak and asthenic stomach and spleen
– plumeria tea remedy to clear heat and promote diuresis:
Ingredients: 15g dried plumeria, 15g kapok, 6g Yinchen
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 30 minutes. You can re-brew until its flavour weakens. For those with serious symptoms, drink consecutively for 2-3 days.

Daily prevention tips:
– Drink water regularly, do not replace water with other drinks
– Do not hold your urine
– Pay attention to hygiene and be sure to change hygiene related products regularly
– Choose breathable cotton panties
– When cleaning after urination, wipe from front to back

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