May 7, 2019

【眼睛保健】 老花眼不能根治但可延緩


Acupressure points to improve presbyopia
Does your mom always complain that she cannot see clearly and keep changing to a new pair of glasses? It may take her a lot of effort to look at things that are close, such as reading books and newspapers. However, it is like easy for her to see things that are father away. She may also struggle to see in the dark, her eyes may get tired easily and she experiences muscle stiffness and soreness in the neck. Ancient Chinese medicine book mentioned that people’s vision become dimmer after age 45 and those with presbyopia can see far clearly but not near. From Chinese medicine perspective, it is affected by old age, weak body functions, kidney deficiency and weak liver. As it is a natural part of aging, there is no cure. However, you can relieve eye discomfort by eating according to your body type, wearing appropriate reading glasses and massaging the acupoints. Massaging the following simple acupoints can promote the blood circulation of the eyes. Besides moms with presbyopia, it is also suitable for those on the computer or mobile phone screen day and night. So let’s massage the acupoints during a break at work, waiting for your transportation, taking a bath or before sleep.
Eyes acupoints
Effect: Promote blood circulation near the eye, delay aging and improve vision
Locations: Jing Ming Point (located in the inner canthus), Tong Zi Liao Point (located in the outer canthus), Feng Chi Point (located in the base of the skull) and Yin Tang Point(Midway between the medial ends of the two eyebrows)
Method: Apply gentle pressure on each point for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. Do it once in the morning and evening.

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