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菠蘿 — 性平,味甘酸澀,具有消暑解渴、消食止瀉的作用,尤其進食太多肉類和肥甘厚味的食物,吃菠蘿可以消滯、助消化及利尿,惟糖尿病患者不宜進食。
芒果 — 性熱,味甘酸,具有益胃、止嘔、止暈、解渴、利尿的作用。多種原因造成的頭暈皆可食用芒果紓緩症狀。適合慢性氣管炎咳嗽、氣喘患者食用。皮膚敏感及過敏體質患者須謹慎食用。糖尿病患者不宜進食。

Pineapple and mango are not damp-heat food
When it comes to summer fruits, pineapple and mango easily come to mind. A lot of people say these fruits are ‘damp-heat in nature’ and that you should not have too much. In reality, “damp heat” only refers to the cause of sickness or body type. It does not refer to the properties of the ingredients. The nature of ingredients are mainly divided into cold, mild and hot. Pineapple is mild in nature while mango is hot in nature. They are great fruits if you eat them according to your body type.
As for the statement that both of them would worsen skin allergy, some people may be sensitive to “bromelain” in pineapple. Therefore, it leads to skin allergy issues such as redness or itchy skin. You can peel and core the pineapple and cut into pieces. Then soak it in salt water to make it sweeter and reduce allergic reaction by destroying bromelain. Mango is fatty, sweet and sticky, and can aid dampness and production of phlegm affecting the functions of your spleen and stomach. Consuming mangoes can also lead to qi stagnation leading to abdominal bloating. Therefore, those prone to have abdominal distension, skin allergy, sensitive body type or diabetic patients should not eat mango. It is not suitable to eat after meal as well.

Pineapple – Mild in nature. Sweet, sour and astringent. It can clear summer heat, relieve thirst, aid digestion and relieve diarrhea, especially good for after eating too much meat or oily and fatty food. Eating pineapple can relieve indigestionand promote diuresis. It is not suitable for diabetic patients.
Mango – Hot in nature. sweet and sour. It can nourish stomach, relieve vomiting and dizziness, relieve thirst and promote diuresis. Dizziness caused by various reasons could be relieved by eating mango. It is suitable for those with chronic bronchitis cough or asthma. Those with skin allergy and sensitive body type should eat less. It is not suitable for diabetic patients.

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