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我們日常泛指及認知的「排毒」, 是當身體出現一些不適症狀令我們覺得是時候著眼於健康,有「排毒」的需要。中醫所謂的「毒」,常見是風、寒、暑、濕、燥、火等; 微調日常飲食及生活習慣也可「排毒」,當出現一些如份外疲憊、暗瘡、濕疹、面油多、口瘡、小便偏黃、水腫、肥胖等症狀,就是身體為你帶來的訊息,這時候除了諮詢中醫師對症下藥外,也要注意飲食及生活習慣!

– 飲食應以清淡及新鮮食材為主,煮法以蒸、灼、炆為佳
– 每天要為身體補充足夠水分
– 適量進食潤腸通便食物,如火龍果、蜂蜜、無花果、黑芝麻,養成健康排便的習慣
– 每星期茹素一天,讓脾胃休養生息,少一點油膩多一點纖維
– 少喝一杯冷飲已能為身體去除多一點負擔

– 每星期也要做適量運動,瑜伽、慢跑,透過出汗將「毒素」排出
– 熱水浴加點乾玫瑰花及薄荷,香味讓身心開朗,也能促進排汗及新陳代謝
– 避免熬夜,由於晚上11時至凌晨3時為肝膽經循行之時,要熟睡才能正常疏洩
– 哭泣也是情緒的排洩,憂鬱只會導致肝鬱氣滯,看一套催淚的電影有助排心理的毒
– 洗澡時揉壓一下太衝穴,位置在足背趾公及二趾上的跖骨的凹陷位

Preventing toxins from entering your body
The common understanding of detoxification happens when you experience discomfort in the body related to health and you feel the need to detox. Toxins in Chinese medicine refer to wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire. You can adjust dietary and lifestyle habits to detox. When you experience symptoms such as fatigue, acne, eczema, excessive facial oil, canker sores, yellowish urine, edema and chubbiness, those represeny signals from your body. This is the time to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner and pay attention to your habits.

Daily diet:
– The diet should be based on light and fresh ingredients. It is better to steam, boil or simmer.
– drink enough water every day.
– Appropriately consume ingredients that can loosen the bowels to relieve constipation such as dragon fruit, honey, figs, and black sesame seeds to develop a habit of healthy bowel movements.
– Be a vegetarian once a week, let the spleen and stomach take a rest. Less grease and more fiber.
– Drinking less a cold drink can remove burden from your body.

Living habits:
– Do some moderate exercise every week such as yoga, jogging to discharge “toxic” through sweating.
– Have hot water bath with dried rose and mint, the fragrance makes the body and mind better, and also promotes perspiration and metabolism.
– Avoid staying up late, because the liver and gallbladder are on duty from 11pm to 3 am. You must sleep well to properly discharge toxins.
– Crying is also a way to discharge emotions. Being moody will lead liver depression and qi stagnation. Watching a set of tearful movies helps to discharge toxic of psychology.
– Apply pressure on the Taichong point while taking a bath. It is located on your foot about two finger widths above the place where the skin of your big toe and the next toe join.

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