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CheckCheckCin:近年很流行的蔬果汁排毒Juice Detox,是指在3或5天內只喝不同的冷壓蔬果汁,每天約飲用6至8枝,由於流質相對容易消化,有稱能讓腸胃休息,加上並沒有經高溫處理,營養可被完全保留,有淨化腸道及排毒的功效,有助排出宿便及身體積貯的毒素。當然,幾天中只吃流質食物當然會有減磅的作用,但要明白在中醫角度裡,所有未經烹煮的食物,包括蔬菜、水果,以及果汁都屬生冷食物,屬性偏寒涼,多吃會削弱人體的陽氣,也就是為甚麼會出現頭暈及畏冷症狀。再者,負責消化吸收的脾胃最不喜冷,多吃生冷反而會為其帶來負擔。本身脾胃素寒的人,更易出現胃脹、胃痛等不適症狀,甚至是嚴重的腹瀉,這正可解釋為甚麼蔬果汁會被人認為能夠「排毒」。又為甚麼有些人喝後又好像更健康呢?也許因他們本身屬濕熱體質,適量進食寒涼食物有助改善身體偏熱症狀,但其實再繼續下去也會削弱陽氣,出現虛寒症狀。中醫理論其實更講求吃得新鮮及營養均衡,最重要還是要適合個人體質。脾胃好,人自然不易長胖,想偶爾讓脾胃休養生息,不妨試試以下的方法!

– 間中來一碗白粥,清淡又溫暖脾胃
– 素湯清甜又不油膩,比加肉或骨類熬煮的老火湯更健康
– 偶爾喝蔬果汁不如實實在在吃一個水果,纖維更多!
– 粗糧其實是最基本又對脾胃好的食材,肚餓時吃點番薯、薯仔也不錯
– 每朝一杯溫暖的米水更是脾胃健康的基本


Juicing is not suitable for everyone
“Juice Detox has been very popular in recent years. My friend tried it and said she lost weight successfully. I have been feeling dizzy and have aversion to cold after trying it for two days. Why is that?”

CheckCheckCin: Juice Detox, which is very popular in recent years, involves drinking different cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices for 3 or 5 days. The diet allows for 6 to 8 juices per day. As the liquid is relatively easy to digest, some claim it allows for the digestive system to rest. Also, as the juices have not been treated with high temperature, nutrition can be completely retained and has the effect of purifying the intestines and detoxification to remove toxins from the stool and body. Having a liquid only diet for a few days can help with weight loss, but remember in the Chinese medicine perspective, all uncooked foods, including vegetables and fruit juices are cold/raw foods and cold in nature. Eating too much will weaken the yang qi of the body, which is cause of dizziness and aversion to cold. In addition, the spleen and stomach that digest and absorb nutrients are the least tolerant to cold. Eating too much cold/raw foods will bring a burden to them. Those with cold spleen and stomach are prone to abdominal bloating, stomach pain and other stomach discomfort symptoms or worse, severe diarrhea, which explains why juice diets are considered to be “detoxification”. But why do some people seem to be healthier after the diet? Perhaps because they have damp-heat body condition to start with, appropriately consuming foods that cool and cold in nature can help improve the heat-related symptoms. However, if you continue the diet, it will weaken the yang qi and cause asthenic and cold symptoms. Chinese medicine theory actually focuses on eating fresh food and having balanced nutrition. The most important thing is eat according to your body condition. Those with healthy spleen and stomach will not gain weight easily. If you want to let the spleen and stomach rest sometimes, try the following methods!

– A bowl of congee is light and can warm the spleen and stomach.
– Vegetarian soup is sweet and not greasy, and is healthier than the double stewed soup
with meat or bones.
– Occasionally drinking vegetable juice is fine, but it is better to eat fruits which has more fibre!
– Coarse grains are actually the most basic ingredients that are good for the spleen and stomach. When you are hungry, you can eat some sweet potatoes and potatoes.
– Have a cup of warm rice water every morning to build the basics of spleen and stomach health.

Below is a tea remedy for supplying yang qi. It is good to drink once a week for health care:
Pear tear with honey and cinnamon
Ingredients: 0.5g cinnamon powder, 4 slices of dried pear, appropriate amounts of honey
Preparation: Place dry ingredients into thermos, add in hot water and steep for 10 minutes. Add in honey after it has cooled down slightly.
Effects: Dispels cold, relieves symptoms related to eating too much cold/raw foods such as aversion to cold or cold limbs. Not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms.

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