May 4, 2018




1. 在米水中加入淮山一齊煮,增強健脾功效。
2. 不妨早一點起床,享受一下清晨的安寧。
3. 這個時節宜「輕食」,不宜過飽。
4. 喝一杯有百香果成分的飲料,可開胃醒神。
5. 早餐不宜生冷食物,不妨吃碗台式番薯粥吧!

Today marks the start of summer solar term, and during this time day would be longer than night. Although it is becoming warmer, it is still cooler in the mornings and evenings, the temperature difference from day to night can be large, and the rain can also lower temperature so be sure to keep a thin jacket in the office. As the weather warms up, chance of thunderstorms is also higher. As we go from spring to summer, the liver qi may weaken, and heart qi strengthens. This basic dietary rules are increase acidity and reduce bitterness. This can prevent excessive sweating that may hurt your yin and exhaust your qi. At the same time, you can improve fluid production to relieve thirst, strengthen the stomach to aid digestion. At the same time, try to eat lighter foods to maintain your stomach qi to prevent summer heat attack. You should nourish your heat during this time and avoid exercise that’s too intense. Hiking, leisure walks are all good choices and be sure to drink water after exercising.

Gentle tips:
1. Add in chinese yam to your water rice to increase the strengthening effects to the spleen.
2. Try to wake up earlier to enjoy the morning peace.
3. This is the time to eat lightly and don’t over stuff yourself.
4. Have a cup of drink with passion fruit and stimulate your appetite and give yourself a boost.
5. Don’t have cold or raw things for breakfast, try a bowl of Taiwanese sweet potato congee!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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