May 5, 2018

【減輕糖尿病困擾 】調理要配合體質呢!



• 上消:清熱潤肺,生津止渴的食材如梨、秋葵、西洋菜、西瓜皮、黑木耳等。茶飲有:西瓜皮2-3塊,切走外層綠色皮,煮30-40分鐘。

• 中消:清渭瀉火,養陰生津的食材如冬瓜、粟米鬚、苦瓜、絲瓜等。茶飲有:粟米鬚20克,煮約30-40分鐘。

• 下消:滋陰清熱的食材螺頭、乾瑤柱、花旗參等。茶飲有:花旗參10克、石斛10克,煮約1小時。

1. 活動大腿前部肌肉
2. 活動小腿前部的肌肉

Appropriate exercise is very important to those with diabetes so here are two exercises to help improve weakness in lower body, knee pain and to improve blood circulation.
1 Exercise your thigh
Sit on a chair, lift your right leg until it’s level and slowly bring it back down. Repeat for 10 times then switch to left leg.
2 Exercise your calves
Sit on a chair, slowly lift the front of your feet and bring it back down slowly. Repeat 10 times.

Tips to manage diabetes
Chinese medicine believes diabetes is characterized by excessive drinking, eating, urination, thin and weakness. There are three types of exhaustion when it comes to diabetes. Upper exhaustion would have lung heat, and the symptoms would be thirst. Middle exhaustion would have stomach heat, and the symptom is hunger even after a full meal. Lower exhaustion would be deficiency in kidney yin and the symptom is frequent urination.

From a dietary perspective, diabetic people should stop eating high sugar fruits and cakes, decrease carbohydrate intake, avoid spicy, fried, oily and tonic foods. Chinese medicine manages diabetes by balancing yin and yang, qi and blood. Treatment course should be determined based on body type and symptoms.

Upper: clear heat and moisten the lungs, promote fluid production and relieve thirst with foods such as pears, okra, watercress, watermelon skin, and black fungus. Tea: take 2-3 watermelon skin, remove the outer dark green area and cook for 30-40 minutes.

Middle: clear the stomach heat, nourish yin and promote fluid production with food such as winter melon, corn silk, bitter melon, and luffa. Tea: cook 20g of corn silk for 30-40 minutes.

Lower: nourish yin and clear heat with food such as conk, dried scallops, American ginseng. Tea: take 10g of American ginseng and 10g dendrobium and cook for 1 hour.

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