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Palace Secret to Beauty
In the hit show, The Story of Yan Xi Palace, although the villain concubine is arrogant, she does have silky fair skin and takes skincare very seriously! The secret is using milk in her baths. Using milk as party of beauty routine has a long history from the Tang dynasty. Milk is mildly cool in nature with a sweet flavour, it can replenish asthenia, nourish the heart and lungs, moisten the skin.

According to history, there are two popular formulas for beauty in the palace. The first combines 10 medicinal herbs such as radix angelicae formosanae, white morning glory, bai xi xin, the tuber of hyacinth bletilla, etc and grinds into powder and mixed with water into a mask. The second combines rhizoma typhonii, radix angelicae formosanae, the tuber of hyacinth bletilla, etc. The Chinese name for these herbs all happen to start with word ‘white’.

Try making your own palace whitening mask.
Effects: whiten skin and lighten marks, lighten freckle and improve yellowish complexion
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon radix angelicae formosanae powder, 1 teaspoon poria powder, 1 teaspoon coix seeds powder, honey, milk
Preparation: mix all ingredients and apply to face after cleansing. Rinse with water after 10 minutes.
Note: Please test for allergic reaction on wrist or behind the ears prior to applying onto face

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