September 3, 2018

【柔弱的富察皇后】 柔弱的背後就是虛寒






Losing sleep from bone pain due to asthenic cold body type?
Recently the hit TV show “Story of Yan Xi Palace” has been the discussion topic at dinners and social gatherings. In order to become pregnant, the queen in the show tolerates lack of sleep and bone pain due to asthenic cold body type. She get acupuncture daily and finally conceives successfully. Does the body become asthenic cold post pregnancy? And does bone pain comes with it as the show depicted?
Chinese medicine theory says that ladies post pregnancy do become asthenic, cold and have blood stasis. This is why the recovery process during confinement month is so important. In the old days, staying warm is not as easy, hence the tradition of not bathing in the confinement month to avoid wind pathogen. It is important to stay warm post pregnancy. For those, like the queen, who are very weak after giving birth, they are prone to cold and dampness attack leading to stagnant qi and blood. This leads to back, neck and shoulder pain. Post pregnancy also can create blood stasis and the back pain intensifies during sleep. Those with this condition do not necessarily have to do daily acupuncture like the queen, they can also choose foods that can dispel wind and cold or soaking their feet can help too!

Healing Tea for the ice beauty:
Ingredients: 20g raw ginger, 5g black tea, 20g brown sugar
Preparation: slice ginger, and place with all other ingredients into thermos. Add in 500 of hot water and steep for 10 minutes.
Effects: Warm the body, improve blood circulation and discharge water

Warming feet soak:
Ingredients: small bunch of mugwort leaf
Preparation: tear leaf into small pieces and place into basin. Add in small amount of hot water to let leaf open up. Then add in room temperature until water is at about 40 degrees. Soak for 10-15 minutes.
Effects: Improve blood circulation, dispel cold and dampness.

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