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Cool and cold nature food can clear heat
“Cinci, I have had a sore throat, canker sore and dry stool recently.”
“Your have heat-related body condition so you should eat cool and cold-natured food to clear heat.”
“What?! I can’t eat cool and cold-natured food because I have a cold-related body condition.”
I have these conversations in my clinic from time to time and it is a common misconception of body conditions. Some people believe the body is either hot or cold, but the cold and heat actually reflect the yin and yang situation of body. Moreover, heat or cold-related body is not nature basis of body. With the influence of weather, diet, and daily life, people who have heat-related body condition sometimes become cold, and vice versa.
The heat can be divided into excessive heat and asthenic heat. Most of the excessive heat is caused by heat wind flu, summer heat, yang pathogen and excessive consumption of hot and spicy food. Many people eat hot natured foods such as hot pot, barbecue, lamb brisket pot during winter. The body is prone to heat-related symptoms, such as dry eyes, red eyes, frequent dry mouth, dry lips, sore throat, pimple, canker sore, yellowish urine and low volume, dry stool, prone to constipation and so on. You should consume cool and cold-natured foods to clear heat. You do not need to worry that it means it might be ‘too cold’ in nature. Once your body returns to a balanced state, you can stop.
Asthenic heat can lead to fever, sweating during sleep, and hot palms in the hands and feet, which are often caused by chronic illness, sleeping late, and bad mood. This is not a time to clear heat, but you should nourish yin to reduce heat. If you do not understand the difference, it is recommended to consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner for advice.

Green tea to clear damp heat
Effects: cleats heat and dispels dampness, promotes fluid production, promotes diuresis, reduces heat, relieves irritability. It can alleviate symptoms such as canker sore or yellowish urine caused by excessive heat.
Ingredients: 9g lophatherum, 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves, 1 candied date
Method: Cut up lophatherum and candied date and put into a thermos and rinse with hot water once. Add in tea bag and hot water, steep for 10 minutes. This tea can be rebrewed until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink twice in one week.

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