May 16, 2019


(T:註冊營養師Tiffany Shek,C:註冊中醫師Cinci EC)




C: 一碗看似簡單的湯水,蘊含中醫學源遠流長的養生妙方,也體現了烹調者對身邊人的關心!只要根據體質,配搭得宜,一碗美味的湯水就可以簡易調理身體。很多人對湯水的認知仍然留在「補湯」,覺得湯水要夠溫補才可養生。其實不然,只要適合個人體質,食材新鮮,一碗平和的湯水已經可滋養身心。對比起有病吃藥,中醫更講求的是未病先防,最重要是改善飲食及生活習慣,而根據體質去飲湯是一個簡單便捷的飲食補健方法,改善常見的都市小症狀,強身防病。

Is drinking soup becoming a means to healthy living in both East and West worlds?

( T: Tiffany Shek, Registered Dietitian, C: Cinci EC, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner)
T: When talking about drinking soup, many people will think of Chinese herbal soup. Actually, “souping” has become a popular weight loss method in western countries in recent years, wherein only soup is consumed for a few days for “detox” purposes. This diet is different from “juice cleanse” as soup retains dietary fiber of ingredients, which in turn increases satiety. Other benefits of including fibre are slower nutrient absorption and elevation of blood sugar.

But remember “souping” is different from drinking Chinese herbal soup as they serve different purposes. Having herbal soup is to enhance one’s wellbeing but not for weight loss per se. A balanced diet is recommended in addition to consumption of Chinese herbal soup. Prolonged “souping” is not recommended, as it may lack certain certain essential nutrients obtainable from a balanced diet.

Also, most people think that the liquid in soup contains all the nutritional essence thus that is all they consume. But from a nutritional perspective, the actual ingredients in the soup contain the highest nutritional value. Take meat-based soup for example, most protein remains within the meat, even after prolonged cooking. Therefore, for adequate protein intake, soup ingredients should be consumed along with the soup.

C: A bowl of soup might sound simple but it can contain healthy living essence passed on from ancient Chinese medicine theories, and it is also a reflection of love and care from the person who made it. A delicious bowl of soup can condition the body if consumed based on the body type with appropriate ingredients. Many people still having the mindset that the soup should be tonic to have any healthy effects. In fact, a mild natured soup that compliments the body type and is made with fresh ingredients is good enough to nourish the body and mind. Compared to taking medicine, Chinese medicine is more concerned about preventative healthcare. The most important thing is to improve diet and living habits. Drinking soup according to body type is a simple and convenient method to supplement your diet and prevent common urban ailments and improve your immunity.

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