February 17, 2019



Angry ‘God of Pregnancy’ can cause miscarriage?
Getting pregnant is happy news and many want to share the news with family and friends. Older people say it is taboo to announce pregnancy before first trimester is over or you will anger the ‘God of Pregnancy’ and even lead to miscarriage! So most pregnant ladies keep the tradition and keep the secret well for the first three months.
From Chinese medicine perspective, the first three months of pregnancy is still unstable and chance of miscarriage is higher. Miscarrying does not mean the pregnant mother had done anything wrong. Based on statistics, there are 1-2 miscarriages for every 10 pregnancies and most happen within the first three months due to irregular growth of the fetus and miscarriage is a natural process as a result. Waiting three months to announce has medical reasons as that is when the pregnancy is stable and your elders will not celebrate prematurely.

During early pregnancy, the mother is still adjusting and will experience negative things like vomiting, dizziness, motion sickness, etc. All are normal symptoms and to alleviate them, try eating less every meal and have more meals. When you feel nauseous, try having drinks with lemon, perilla leaf, or dried citrus peel. The sourness of lemon can be refreshing and stimulates appetite, and can also stabilize pregnancy and relieve vomiting. Add some ginger slices to warm the stomach. For more serious conditions, we suggest seeking professional medical opinion.

Lime water with perilla leaves
Effects: relieve vomiting and stabilize pregnancy
Ingredients: 3-4 perilla leaves, 4-6 limes, appropriate amount of brown sugar
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Cut limes in half and remove seeds. Add in appropriate amount of water in pot and add in perilla leaves and cook for 5-10 minutes until fragrance develops. Pour water into cup and add in limes and brown sugar.

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