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– 每晚入睡前以約40℃的熱水泡腳20至30分鐘,期間適量加入熱水保溫,泡到微微出汗為佳。
– 準備足浴盆或比較深的水盆,水量浸過腳跟。

Summer feet soak to relieve stress
Summer is hot and humid and if you still eat too much cold and raw food, do not rest enough, and constantly move in and out of air conditioned places, dampness can hurt the spleen and stomach. You will become prone to fatigue and poor appetite. If you are in a bad mood right now, it may worsen your health. Besides eating ingredients that can dispel dampness and improving your living habit, soak your feet before going bed is also helpful. As the feet are far away from heart, the blood circulation is slow so the temperature of feet are low. Using hot water to soak feet can smoothen meridian. The organs can be nourished by massaging acupoints of under the feet. Sweating slightly can help dispel summer dampness, improve sleep, relieve stress and increase appetite. But remember as the temperature is high, those with heart disease, heart malfunction, diabetes, low blood pressure, prone to dizziness should seek for professional opinion first.

Ingredients to put into the soak:
Lavender essential oil 3-4 drops- relieve stress and insomnia 
12g Musk, 12g Peilian- aromatic and dispel dampness
12g Chili- smoothen stuffed meridian, promote qi and blood circulation 

Tips for soak feet:
– Use around 40°C hot water to soak feet for 20-30 minutes. You should add hot water to maintain the temperature. You should soak till you sweat slightly.
– Use a foot tub or deeper tub, the water cover your ankle.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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