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CheckCheckCin:中醫典籍《黃帝內經》曾提及:「二八腎氣盛,天癸至,精氣溢瀉」,男生到了青春期, 早在9至10歲,以至15至16歲左右就具備製造精子的能力。「夢遺」是指睡眠時有射精的生理現象,青春期的男生相對敏感,因此很常見,有時候被外來因素刺激到陰莖,如內褲較緊等,也可能引致射精。如果情況太頻密,例如每星期兩次或以上,伴有腰腿痠軟、頭暈失眠、精神萎靡等症狀,有可能是腎氣虧虛、肝火旺盛、陰虛火旺或濕熱所致,宜就醫治理。


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Are wet dreams and morning erection normal?
“I’m embarrassed by my wet dream and morning erection. Is it normal?”

CheckChecCin: According to Ancient Chinese writings, when boys reach puberty as early as 9 or 10 years old to 15 or 16 years old, they develop the ability to produce sperms.

Wet dream refers to ejaculation during sleep. Boys during puberty are rather sensitive to this phenomenon. Sometimes, the external friction that stimulates the penis, for instance, wearing a pair of tight underpants, might also cause them to ejaculate. If this happens frequently, say, at least twice a week, and the accompanying symptoms such as weak knees and waist, dizziness, unable to stay focused are apparent, then it is better to seek medical attention, as it might be due to qi deficiency in the kidney, liver with excess heat, yin deficiency or damp-heat conditions.

During sleep, blood would flow through the reproductive organ many times, so it’s normal for men to experience erection. Morning erection is in fact just a coincidental occurrence. Having a morning erection does not mean you are abnormal, likewise not having one in the morning does not mean you have erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, just like the case of wet dream, if morning erection happens too regularly and causes discomfort, do not hesitate to seek medical help.

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