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木瓜 — 性平,有健脾胃、幫助消化、消暑解渴功效,適合脾胃虛弱、容易胃脹不適人士服用,能紓緩食慾下降、消化不良、胃部不適、產婦乳汁不多等症狀。注意孕婦不宜食用。

美胸穴位 — 乳根穴

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Does papaya help with breast growth?
Many people believe that eating papaya can help with breast enlargement. Some mothers will even feed their daughters papaya in order to promote breast growth. Where did this urban legend come from?

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, papaya can strengthen the spleen and stomach, aid digestion and quench one’s thirst. It can also promote lactation, hence women breastfeeding can eat more papaya to increase the milk supply. This, perhaps, is where the misunderstanding began. In other words, papaya does not help much with breast enlargement.

Chinese physicians opine that breasts’ development has to do with the qi and the blood; hence, it is important to nourish the spleen, stomach, liver and kidney during puberty, by consuming an appropriate amount of coarse grains. Do also eat fresh ingredients that are rich in protein, for instance, eggs, beans, pork and nuts.

Teenage girls during puberty are concerned with their body shape. Some might even resort to unhealthy diets. This will affect the spleen’s and stomach’s ability to absorb and circulate nutrients, and may eventually lead to the deficiency of the qi and blood.

The lack of nutrients, hence, will limit the breasts’ development. At the same time, avoid eating raw and cold food, as they will disrupt the flow of the qi and blood, and cause menstrual pain. Eating food that are rich in nutrients is much more effective than eating papaya!

Papaya – mild in nature, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve digestion and quench one’s thirst; is suitable for individuals with a weak spleen and stomach, and those who experience bloating. It can improve a person’s appetite, relieve indigestion and promote lactation. Pregnant women should avoid eating papaya.

Acupuncture for beautiful breasts
Breast Point Acupoint
Location: about 2 finger breaths below the nipples
Method: press with your thumb, apply pressure for 3-5 seconds and release. Repeat for 5-10 times.
Effects: improves breast shape, relieves breast area pains

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