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Minor unhealthy habits can damage our health
Common winter bad habits

. Keep the doors and windows fully shut
Keeping the windows and doors completely closed and slipping a towel beneath the door to prevent the cold air from entering!
⚠️ This will lead to poor air ventilation, making us feel dizzy and tightness in the chest. So do allow some space for air circulation in an enclosed area.

. Cover our head with a blanket
Where is the warmest and most comfortable spot during winter? Yes, inside our blanket! Hiding our whole body in the blanket can keep us warm at all time.
⚠️ Sleeping in such condition overnight can cause you to feel dizzy and experience oxygen deprivation.

. Take a long hot shower
Enjoying a hot shower is the quickest way to warm our body. It feels so good to enjoy the heat, and we just wanted to stay in the bathroom a little longer during winter.
⚠️ Spending a long time in a hot shower will reduce the blood flow to the heart and lead to decreased oxygen in the body. It is best to limit the shower time to 15- 30 minutes.

.Consume alcohol after meals
Drinking alcohol beverages, especially warm sake, can warm the body.
⚠️ Alcohol can encourage blood flow much quicker to the skin, creating the illusion of warmth. In fact, drinking alcohol can cause our body to lose heat even faster.

. Insist on wearing less to look more presentable
Some women do not wish to put on too many layers of winter clothes because they do not want to look plump. They would rather wear less and brave the cold weather.

️ ⚠️It is not just about feeling cold. Once the pathogenic factor of cold invades the body, we will feel pain all over, especially when have our period.

. Eat ice-cream
There is nothing wrong with eating ice-cream during the cold season, right? Since it does not melt easily in lower temperatures.
⚠️ If we already have a cold body constitution, eating ice-cream is just going to aggravate our body condition.

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