January 23, 2021



1. 先用暖水袋/毛孩/找個人溫暖被窩
2. 三文治蓋被法:床上鋪絨面被子,先蓋絨面被子後蓋棉被
3. 打被兜(被子攝在腳下)
4. 用被子捲著身體猶如臘腸卷
5. 其它(請註明)

【Relax for a minute ……Best use of the blanket】

How do you keep yourself warm when you sleep during winter? Tell us in the comment section, how do you make full use of your blanket?

1. Get a warm water bag/your pet dog/a person to warm the blanket in advance
2. Wrap yourself up like a sandwich: put a fleece blanket on top of the bed and cover yourself with another layer of comforter.
3. Wrap the blanket over your body and tuck it under your feet.
4. Curl up in a ball and wrap yourself in a blanket like a sausage roll.
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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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