January 19, 2019



紙口罩 — 保護度比較低,適合一般打掃清潔時使用。
醫療級外科用口罩 — 就是最普通藍、綠色那種即棄口罩,可阻隔飛沫及灰塵,用作平日基本保護已非常足夠。
布製口罩 — 環保鬥士之選,清洗後可重用,冬天亦有保暖作用,防禦能力較低。
黑色海綿口罩 — 哈韓族,有明星風範。口罩為聚氨酯材質,由於剪裁緊貼臉部,長時間配戴也相對舒適,可清洗3次重複使用。
活性碳口罩 — 可阻隔飛沫、灰塵及吸異味,從事工業、清潔、噴漆及常接觸有機溶液的人士適用。
N95口罩 — 傳染病人士適用,可阻隔95%的非油性懸浮粒子,主要為醫院隔離區、化工廠中使用的專業口罩。日常其實毋需用到保護性這麼強的口罩,由於口罩完全貼面,長期使用反而會引起不適。

– 按面形選擇合適口罩,戴好後要完全覆蓋鼻、口及兩側緊貼面部
– 每佩戴四小時就要更換,以保持最佳過濾效果
– 當口罩可能被污染、破損、變形、有異味或鬆緊帶失去彈性時亦要更換
– 脫下口罩時避免接觸口罩外面,因為可能已沾有細菌
– 用過的口罩應棄置於有蓋垃圾桶中
– 戴兩個口罩不等於有兩倍過濾功能,反而會影響呼吸
– 戴口罩後眼鏡起霧?這代表口罩的金屬條未夠貼緊鼻樑

Benefits of wearing a face mask
As it is flu season, it is beneficial to bring fask masks out with you to wear in crowded places, when sitting near people who are sick, and especially if you are sick yourself. Wearing face masks can prevent from getting sick. There are many types of face masks and some are even fashionable. What do you prefer and what might be most protective?
Paper face mask- lower protection, suitable for when cleaning.
Medical face mask- usually disposable blue or green ones, protects against droplets and dusk and sufficient for daily protection.
Cloth face mask- an environmental choice and can be re-used after washing. It also has a warming quality in the winter, but protection quality is lower.
Black cotton face mask- Mask is made of Polyurethane, and cut to fit the face nicely. It is more comfortable for prolonged usage and can be re-used for up to 3 times after washing.
Activated charcoal face mask- protects again droplets, dusk and smell. Suitable for those in industrial, cleaning, painting jobs or those with exposure to organic solutions.
N95 face mask- suitable for those with contagious disease as it protects against 95% of non-oil particles. It is mainly used in hospital isolation areas and chemical factories. It is not needed for daily use as it is very tight on the face and can cause discomfort with prolonged use.
Tips for wearing face masks:
– Choose a suitable mask based on shape of your face. Ensure nose, mouth and side of cheeks are covered.
– Change out your mask every 4 hours to ensure adequate protection
– Change your mask if it has been contaminated, broken, changed in shape, or losing elasticity
– Avoid contact with outside of mask when removing as the outside may be contaminated by bacteria
– Properly trash used face mask
– Wearing two masks does not double the protection, and it may lead to breathing difficulty
– If your glasses are fogging up when wearing mask, it means that the metal strip is not tight enough around your nose

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