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頭 — 洗頭後直用風筒吹乾,頭髮乾了才睡覺,因為頭上的濕氣容易進入身體,造成頭痛。

頸 — 頸部是人體的要塞,頸部佈滿淋巴與神經線,頸後亦有多個穴位,衣服多數會露出頸部,所以特別容易受寒。

腰 — 中醫理論認為「腰為腎之府」,腰部受寒就會令腎受寒濕之邪,而且腰部受寒直接關係到子宮,所謂「暖宮孕子」,子宮最怕受寒,宮寒容易造成瘀血、白帶增多、月經不調等問題。

膝蓋 — 膝蓋只有薄薄一層皮,沒有脂肪,容易遭受風、寒、濕邪的侵襲,令下肢氣血不能暢通,寒、濕留注經絡、關節,容易引起關節痛。

腳 — 「寒從腳底起」,冬天帶著一雙冰冷的腳實在很難入眠,腳皮下脂肪少,而且離心臟最遠,血液供應慢,冬天多穿厚襪,睡前浸足浴以保雙腳溫暖。
Important parts for ladies to keep warm
I remember my mom used to nag when I would wear spaghetti straps and mini skirts about how I am going to get sick. I don’t know if its because I have aged, but my neck and knees would feel cold when I get blown on, do I really have to say bye to miniskirts?
CheckCheckCin: Wearing sleeveless and short skirts in the summer is understandable but it is important to keep warm during the winter. At a younger age, yang qi is quite active, but as we age, yang qi weakens and cannot keep our bodies warm as well. This is why people have stronger aversion to cold as they age. Do not push your bodies too far just because you are young, as it is important to protect your yang qi. Wearing too little, drinking cold drinks can be sources of ailments later, and this can lead to menstrual pain or even body aches after menopause that can speed up aging. Ladies should be practical and avoid leaving your belly button exposed, miniskirts and remember to put on a cardigan when you are in air-conditioned spaces. The nagging from your mom is from caring and wisdom!
Important parts for ladies to keep warm:
Head- blow dry your hair after washing, be sure to sleep with dried hair as it is easy for dampness to enter the body from the head causing headaches.
Neck- The neck is filled with lumbar and nerves, and the back of neck also contains a lot acupuncture points. A lot of clothing leave our necks exposed and it is prone to getting cold.
Lower back- The lower back houses your kidneys so if your back is exposed to cold, it can lead to your kidneys exposure to cold dampness pathogens. Your lower back also relates to your uterus. The uterus should not be exposed to cold as it can lead to blood stasis, increase in vaginal discharge, and irregular menstruation.
Knees- Your knees is just a thin layer of skin without fat and prone to attacks from wind, cold and dampness pathogens. This can lead to disruption of lower body qi and blood flow. Cold and dampness stagnation in the channels can lead to joint pains.
Feet- It is really hard to sleep with cold feet in the winter. There is little fat in the feet and they are also farthest from the heart so blood flow is relatively slower. Wear thicker socks in the winter and give your feet a warm soak before sleep.

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