January 18, 2021



洋蔥 vs 玉米穿衣法

– 穿搭多層衣服,就像洋蔥一樣一層搭一層
– 依照室內外溫度變化增減衣服
– 分為三層,內層吸濕排汗,中層保暖,外層防風
– 適合進行戶外活動的人士

– 進入室內時脫去外衣即可,就像粟米剝去外皮一樣
– 分兩層,內層為貼身衣物或發熱衣,外層為保暖並防風的大褸
– 適合有暖氣設備或室內外溫差較大的地方

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Debunking styling myths during winter
The onion vs corn dressing styles
It is normal for us to put on more layers of clothes when it is cold, but do not think this is enough to keep warm. Wearing too many clothes can hinder our movements, and it can cause us to sweat, which dissipates heat from the body. Consequentially, this kind of dressing style might cause us to fall ill.
Come and learn about these two trendy dressing styles, which you can consider adopting for different occasions. These styles of dressing can effectively keep you warm and will not make you look plump.

The onion style
– Put on layers of clothes, just like layers of an onion
– Add and reduce the layers based on the changes in the indoor and outdoor temperatures
– Divide it into three layers: the sweat-absorbing layer on the inside, the insulating layer in the middle, and the wind-breaking layer on the outside
– Suitable as outdoor wear

The corn style
– Remove the outer layer once you are indoors, just like how you remove the cornhusk
– You should have two layers of clothes: the insulating layer on the inside that can keep you warm, and the outer layer that can break the wind and rain
– Suitable to be worn in places with heaters and those that experience drastic changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures

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