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豆腐 — 性涼,味甘,豆腐以黃豆及石膏粉配製而成,石膏粉屬性偏涼,所以豆腐屬性也會稍微偏涼。具益氣養胃、生津潤燥的功效,適合身體虛弱、氣血不足、營養不良人士食用。因為性涼,慢性胃寒病人、脾胃虛寒及大便稀薄者不宜多吃。

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Beware of the oil traps in hotpot
Hotpots are often thought to be unhealthy. One of the many reasons is that the amount of meat always exceeds that of the vegetables. So, to tackle this problem, we can include more non-meat ingredients, right?

Then we end up buying a lot of soy-based processed foods, such as honeycomb tofu, fried tofu puff, gluten ball, fried bean curd stick and the ever popular fried ring roll. But are they really healthier? Soy-based processed foods contain rich plant-based protein, but there are certain things for us to take note of when cooking them.
Fried tofu puff, fried bean curd stick and fried ring roll have been deep-fried, whereas gluten ball is made from ball-shaped dough that has also been deep-fried. All these processed foods inadvertently absorb a lot of oils and fats.

It is better to replace the fried foods with fresh soy-based products, such as tofu, fresh bean curd stick and dry bean curd stick. As for honeycomb tofu, it is a healthy soy-based product, but its honeycomb structure would absorb a lot of soup. If it is used in mala spicy soup or any other oily soups, the honeycomb tofu would take in the oil like a sponge. It would be healthier to eat it with a clear soup.
From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, soy-based products can strengthen and nourish the spleen and stomach, are suitable for individuals with a weak body, as well as those with lack of the qi and blood, and are malnourished. Excessive consumption can lead to the stagnation of the qi in the spleen and stomach, hence causing bloating. Individuals with asthenic spleen and stomach should not consume excessively.

Tofu – cool in nature, with a mild sweet taste; is made from soybean and gypsum powder. Gypsum powder, which acts as a coagulant, is also cool in nature, hence this explains the similarity in the nature of tofu. It is good for the qi and can nourish the stomach, induce saliva production and moisten dryness in the body.
Tofu is suitable for individuals with a weak body, as well as those with lack of the qi and blood, and are malnourished. Since it is cool in nature, patients with a chronic cold stomach, cold and weak spleen and stomach, and those with loose stools should not consume excessively.

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