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Is grilled fish and pickled vegetables hotpot healthy?
“Eating too much meat during hotpot sessions is unhealthy. How about grilled fish and pickled vegetables? Fish should be healthy for me!”
CheckCheckCin: Fish is nutritious and low in fats. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, all types of edible fish commonly have nourishing and spleen-strengthening properties, and could replenish deficiencies.
Eating crisp grass carp during hotpot sessions would be a healthy option for diners, but keep an eye on the cooking method. The most common way of preparing the dish is by grilling the fish and then drizzle it with a spicy sauce made from chili and pepper, before placing it into the pot. If the fish is prepared in such a manner, then there is not much difference from eating it in the hotpot. It can cause the body to have heat, which would further aggravate the damp-heat and yin-deficient body conditions.
Sichuan pepper and chili have stimulating properties, hence individuals with asthenic qi and blood should not consume excessively. As for pickled vegetables hotpot, it is less oily in comparison, and would also be healthier to consume. The pickled vegetables, made from mustard green, and can clear the lungs and eliminate the phlegm, as well as increase one’s appetite and improve one’s internal stagnation problems.
However, since it is still a pickled product, it would be high in sodium. Hence, individuals must control their intake of such food. People with a weak spleen and stomach, as well as those with gastric pain should not consume excessively.
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