January 1, 2019






– 乘車上班/下班時早兩個站下車,步行上班/回家
– 幾層樓的距離,用行樓梯代替搭電梯
– 追看劇集時站起來玩呼拉圈
– 認真做家務如洗地、抹窗
– 懶出街?在家找個小梯級持續踏步
– 摺衫、晾衫


Exercise daily for 30 minutes

Everyone knows exercising is good for you but most people in Hong Kong do not exercise enough. According to studies, more than half the population in Hong Kong do not exercise regularly. It’s either due to lack of time or people come up with all types of excuses. There is no free lunch in this world so rather than envying the slim and fit people around you, get up today and put your mind to exercising! Try different types of exercise and get different sets of muscles moving!

30 minutes of exercising not difficult, try these easy suggestions:
– get off your transit two stops earlier to walk to work or to go home.
– for a few floors, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator
– when you are watching tv, get up and do some hoola hoops
– take some of your house work such as cleaning the floor or wiping the windows seriously
– feel too lazy to head out? Find a small step to walk your steps repetitively
– hang dry and fold your clothes

Starting today, exercise daily for 30 minutes!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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