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來學習不翹腳但亦很優雅的Duchess slant——來自英國皇室的「公爵夫人式傾斜」
– 雙腿合攏,傾斜放一邊

– 膝部合攏,雙腳前後交叉坐着

Stop crossing your legs when sitting
I always cross my legs when sitting as it seems look to more elegant. I am finding that I have lower back pain and my coworkers say it is due to me crossing legs, is that true?
CheckCheckCin: Crossing your legs definitely can look more elegant but it is not a healthy sitting position especially for those of you who have long hours sitting. If you have your legs crossed all the time, it may affect qi and blood floor. In more serious cases, that can lead to skewed pelvis or scoliosis. If you are experiencing shoulder, lower back, hip or leg pains, you should note your sitting position. In serious cases, be sure to consult professional medical opinion. There are other ways to look more elegant so do not cross your legs for that reason.
Starting today, stop crossing your legs when sitting!
You can try the royal and elegant Duchess slant too! Keep your legs close together when sitting and slant them towards on side.
If you really feel like crossing your legs, you can try this position- keep your knees together and place your feet one in front and one in the back.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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